New post on Youtube.

I have put together a videoclip of me building a log hut. I have always had a fascination for the sami culture, the indeginous people of the northern scandinavia. My ancestors were sami people that became settlers in the early 1800, but I have no sami culture left in the family that have influenced me growing up or anything. I think my interest has got to do with both ethnography, an interest in the craft, the nomadic outdoor lifestyle of the sami people – and also a personal interest in my own history.
Well, this is a typical building for the sami people. They used them in the lower regions where they had timber to build with. In the mountains the buildings looked different.
But this is also a common sight on any homestead in the northern part of Sweden. When you travel around Lapland you see that people like to have a nice outdoor place to sit out by the fire and make some coffee, eat something and lie to each other.

ps. I´m hoping to get lots of views on this one! I will greatfully accept any suggestions from you readers how to become viral with craftvideos on Youtube! What do you think would attract viewers? ds.

Planes for making windows

Showing my planes for making windows. Interesting tools. Old planes for windows have three different blades. When I made my own I made it with just one blade. The difficulty with that is that it is very problematic to shape the blade, the sharp corners that you get in the blade. But there are old planes for windows with just one blade. I happen to have one. There is no difference when you work with a tool if it is made with one or three blades.

A new window for my workshop.


It is summer, and time to mow all the high grass around the house. A couple of years ago I made my own scythe. It is really inspiring to be able to make something so useful and custom-make it to suit yourself. It is satisfying to feel how good it works.

I have used the scythe for 3-4 years now but the details are still not finished!

Blade by Mattias Helje.

It takes a while to learn to mow with a scythe. I had the opportunity to get some good advice on how to adjust the blade etc., and also how to mow, by Janne Eliasson from Fågelsjö. Janne got his first scythe when he was 7 years old and has made several scythes for himself. He has great skills and knowledge about traditional woodworking. Always generous in everything he does. So a big thanks to him!

Sometimes when you are mowing grass with a scythe you find a mouse nest hidden under all the tall grass. They are cute while they are small, sleeping so peacefully together.


It’s been a cold winter. For two months the cold has not let go once. A couple of mornings it has been below -30 (celsius) again now and I have a car battery on charge tonight that I will put in before I take the kids to kindergarten tomorrow morning.
During the day it is nice, but I’ve been working in my workshop. So tonight I felt trapped and took a walk though it was -25 degrees outside. It was moonlight and starry and bright and beautiful. I ended up taking a shortcut across the fields on my way home. Pulsating thru the powdersnow I got up the heat and laid down in the middle of the field and actually felt really warm and comfortable. Then I walked the last bit home and sat for a while in the log hut that I have been working on sporadic. I can`t wait until it is finished, but tonight it felt almost like a shame to cover the walls.

Today I started my webshop where I sell my horses and shoe rack. I will fill up with clotheshangers etc. in a while. The address is I don´t have that many things in stock, so tomorrow I’ll take a tour and take material for shoe racks. I decided that when I was lying there in the snow.

My building preservation at Halfway Hill.

This is the old outhouse, at the place we bought three years ago, that is slowly turning into my new workshop. I have lifted the whole outhouse 30-40 centimetres and replaced 3 of the timberlogs and repaired one log. The building has also been straightened up and got new panels and partly new roof.

This summer, after I had put a floor in, i could inaugurate the workshop by making the bottom frame for a porch for an old farmhouse. Which made me realize that this workshop is way too small. So I will have to turn the entire outhouse into a workshop, and not just a part of it. The first part of the workshop is planned to be finished this winter/spring .

My friend Anders Assis, who owns the old farmhouse, put the frame into place and has made the stair.