My building preservation at Halfway Hill.

This is the old outhouse, at the place we bought three years ago, that is slowly turning into my new workshop. I have lifted the whole outhouse 30-40 centimetres and replaced 3 of the timberlogs and repaired one log. The building has also been straightened up and got new panels and partly new roof.

This summer, after I had put a floor in, i could inaugurate the workshop by making the bottom frame for a porch for an old farmhouse. Which made me realize that this workshop is way too small. So I will have to turn the entire outhouse into a workshop, and not just a part of it. The first part of the workshop is planned to be finished this winter/spring .

My friend Anders Assis, who owns the old farmhouse, put the frame into place and has made the stair.

Shelf by Niklas Karlsson

Shelf made of pine. Carved and handplaned from recycled pine panel from an outhouse. Painted with linseed oil paint.
Carved wooden horse, birchbark box, case made of pineburl by Niklas Karlsson

Carving wooden horse

Blank for carving wooden horse.
Pine from old timber.
Bandsawn and cut with axe.
By Niklas Karlsson

not so white anymore

From the new issue of Sköna hem.
Beautiful photos without all those white walls.

I always thought the white was kind of easy. Like: ”paint all the walls white and anything will fit”. /Niklas

High heels made of timber

På lördagen avtäckte jag, på Stenegård i Järvsö, tillsammans med Lill-babs och trädgårdsmästare Maria Bremefors en blomsterformation i form av en av Lill-babs mer kända klänningar. Till den har jag gjort ett par högklackade skor i skala 3:1, huggna ur en timmerstock.

This weekend I unveiled a flowerbed at Stenegård in Järvsö, together with the artist Lill-babs and gardener Maria Bremefors. The flowerbed has the shape of one of Lill-babs famous dresses. For the flowerbed I have made a pair of high heels. They are made of timber on a scale of 3:1.