Färila 2009
Wooden rake by Niklas Karlsson
Material: Spruce, birch and rowan.


ahardslojdlife Preview
: handcarved shoerack by Niklas Karlsson
Material: Birch
Beakbootie from Kero. Chip basket by Säs Holger Andersson, Våmhus. Shoehay and twig broom by Niklas Karlsson.

I´m working on a ”collection” right now, it is ment to fit into the context of those who like the country living lifestyle. The inspiration comes, as always, from the farmhouses of Hälsingland where I live and from the settlers and small scale farmers of Lapland, where I spent my vacations as a kid.

The first product of this collection was the clothes hanger ”Kallfarstun”. ”Kallfarstun” is common in old houses and can be described as an uninsulated hall – where you often find a carved clothes hanger. This type of clothes hanger can also be found in attics or outhouses where they were used to store things like wintergarments, bags, aprons and workwear, baskets, fishnets etc. Anything you could hang on its handcarved pegs.

I have also designed a shoerack for this collection. It is carved by hand, made of young birches that has grown cramped together in a dense forest. The thin birches are plugged into the sidepieces. Very traditional assembly though the design has no original. It is inspired by different kinds of stands that has been used in a kind of self-sufficient coherence.

This horse is also part of the collection. I have wanted to make a horse of my own for a long time. I love the antique wooden horses from the 1800. The horses that are made now have a modern, kitchy design that has come a long way from the original wooden horses. They are painted with linseedoil.

The shoe rack and clothes hanger can be bought at Svensk Slöjd, Nybrogatan, Stockholm. The collection will soon be able to order online.

Tidningen Åter

I nya numret av tidningen Åter har jag och Göran Posthuma skrivit om tjäckelyxan och hur man använder den för att hugga tråg.

Du kan köpa tidningen här
Du kan också se tråghuggningen på slojdeniskogen.se

Here is the new official site ahardslojdlife.com! It will be a more changeable site. That is the intention. I have had this yearning sometimes to just publish out of a whim – texts, stories, photos etc. I have had so much material to show about what I do, about what I call ”traditional use of wood”. And now I will be able to! So welcome to my blog! Now it´s online and where it should be, on ahardslojdlife.com. There are some small things that have to fall in place, but on the whole – this is it. Now you can comment on what I show on the site and I might just do whatever I want – it will all just fall into a chronological order. Easy enough! The ”old” site will still be accessible, the link will come up soon. I have updated my videos on Youtube.com with some old videos that were in div-x. I think they will be easier to watch now. The channel is called – ahardslojdlife.

/Niklas Karlsson