Here is the new official site! It will be a more changeable site. That is the intention. I have had this yearning sometimes to just publish out of a whim – texts, stories, photos etc. I have had so much material to show about what I do, about what I call ”traditional use of wood”. And now I will be able to! So welcome to my blog! Now it´s online and where it should be, on There are some small things that have to fall in place, but on the whole – this is it. Now you can comment on what I show on the site and I might just do whatever I want – it will all just fall into a chronological order. Easy enough! The ”old” site will still be accessible, the link will come up soon. I have updated my videos on with some old videos that were in div-x. I think they will be easier to watch now. The channel is called – ahardslojdlife.

/Niklas Karlsson