Täljfest. The day that I demonstrated spooncarving to Wille and Jögge Sundqvist.

Here comes a few recaps from my participation at the international woodcarving convention, Täljfest, at Sätergläntan (Dalarna, Sweden) this summer. It was three absolutely brilliant days. I held two demonstrations in ”carving big spoons”. The second demonstration I held was quite memorable, because Jögge and Wille Sundqvist were watching the demonstration. Wille especially is a legend when it comes to carving with knife and axe, and Jögge is also a well known and recognized person in the woodcarvingsociety.
Wille filled in with his knowledge and experience during the demonstration and discussed different aspects of spooncarving, axes etc. with the group of audience. And I got to tell the story about when I was a student at Vindelns folkhögskola and just before we graduated after two years we visited Wille Sundqvist in Bjurholm. We had a kind of workshop at Willes and at the end of the day he held a short speach and told us ”Vindeln is a good school and a good education, but you can not carve spoons”. He also had an opinion about our skills at sharpening tools.
Anyway, the demonstration with Wille in combination with the opportunity to meet with so many other great carvers from around the world got the result that I left Sätergläntan overwhelmed with inspiration and – hope.
Ever since Täljfest I have had Barn Spoons words ringing in my head: ”I´m a massive cynic, but I believe in spoons”. Barn Spoon is a spooncarver from England that set up a shop in London where he sells spoons. The idea strikes me as bold, but on the other hand it is ingeniously simple and obvious. And I can´t let go of the idea to set up a shop in Stockholm.

uladzimir slöjdkungar
Uladzimir, a great reunion. Me, demonstrating spooncarving to Wille and Jögge.

Robin Wood teaching, his daughter JoJo supervising.

magnus anders
Magnus Sundelin (left), blacksmith and carver let me try some of his great carvingtools.
Anders Lindberg (right) a long time green woodworker with lots of ideas.

Jarrod Stone Dahl in action.

fritiof börje
Fritiof Runhall (left) and a girl that has made interior for Konstfack workshops. She carved her first spoon(s) at Täljfest. Börje Ax (right) who took bentwood to Slovakia.

Barn Spoon masterclass.