To infinity and beyond

I love this knitting because it not only twists the scarf but also my mind. It’s so geeky matimatical. You knit it with a circular needle and it turns out as a moebius stripHere’s how to do it. It’s one sided and has the mathematical property of being non-orientable.

Realized that the möbius strip knit works well with moss stitch. The moss stitch looks the same on both sides which can be nice considering how the möbius strip is constructed. And also the (one and only) super long edge won´t curl either.

It’s knitted from the middle and out. Use a 80 cm long circular needle number 5. Create 101 stitches. Make a loop with the needle. There are several ways to do it, search the internet for möbius knit. Then just moss knit (*knit one, purl one*). Cast off.


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